Praise for ePatient 2015

The clairvoyance displayed by the authors is not only spot on, but is a welcome and disruptive shift from the current aseptic and vacuous thinking that has withheld true innovation and progress in the digital health sector. Free your mind, eliminate barriers to your success, and read this book.
Changes in our health care system are being driven by rapid advances in mobile platforms, health information technology, and social media. Fard Johnmar and Rohit Bhargava have monitored these trends from the start, and their book, ePatient 2015 - 15 Surprising Trends Changing Health Care, is a prescient roadmap that guides both patients and doctors as their relationship evolves.
As an independent digital health analyst with a Wall Street background who has interviewed more than 150 companies in this arena, I was not sure what to expect when I picked up the book. I was pleased to find engaging stories, as well as new ways to think about this emerging sector. In particular, I found the survey data to be fresh and thought provoking and I learned about nutrition, stay-well hotel rooms and accelerated trial-sourcing. I know first hand how hard it is to organize disparate facts into big picture trends. The book is easy to read and presents themes that will keep you wondering what to expect next!

About the Authors

  • Rohit Bhargava

    Rohit Bhargava

    Rohit Bhargava is a marketing expert dedicated to bringing more humanity back to business. He is the author of 4 best selling marketing books (including the award winning Likeonomics), CEO & Founder of the Influential Marketing Group, and Professor of Global Marketing at Georgetown University.

  • Fard Johnmar

    Fard Johnmar

    Fard Johnmar is a digital health futurist and researcher focused on helping people around the world understand how to use health technologies to shape behavior and promote well being. He is Founder and President of Enspektos, LLC, a globally respected digital health innovation consultancy. He is also a Fellow at the prestigious Society for New Communications Research.

    What Makes ePatient 2015 Different

    • Groundbreaking Original Research

      ePatient 2015 features new data from Enspektos' research initiative digihealth pulse, the world's first ongoing tracking study of digitally active health consumers.

    • Non-Obvious Digital Health Insights

      People already know that mobile is important in health and wearable tech will make a splash. We go beyond the obvious to help you see the big picture and seize hidden opportunities.

    • Expert Commentary

      Hear from globally recognized digital health experts, digitally connected patients, and more.

    • A People-First Perspective

      We're focused on how people are affected by technology, because health is all about humans, not machines.

    • Realism, Not Hype

      You'll get critical, unbiased analysis, not more digital health cheerleading.

    • Examples & Resources

      The trends highlighted in the book are taking shape right now. ePatient 2015 is packed with examples of the people and companies forging the digital health future today.

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